Know your Company

Enterprise Knowledge Management

The Problem

In general, most companies knowledge is spread out across files in network drives, binders, intranet pages, email traffic, instant messaging history, and in people's heads. This has several problems including: difficulty in finding information, outdated information, silos of data, steep learning curve for new employees, etc.

The Solution

Our platform is "The Wikipedia of your Company" and has been designed from the ground up to ease capturing, curating, and sharing of your company's knowledge allowing everyone to have Quick access to Correct information enabling your entire team to "Know your Company". We use MediaWiki as the core software to build your company's Enterprise Wiki.

  • Enterprise Wikis have been shown to enable quick and organic crowdsourcing of company knowledge while providing a platform to ensure changes are correct.
  • Enterprise Wikis provide a "one source of truth" in the company and drastically reduce the wasted time of searching for information.
  • Enterprise Wikis can be used to store all information about a project (owner, location, design team, issues, etc.) and this information can be structured and queried later.
  • Enterprise Wikis capture expertise in the company so those with questions can be connected to those with answers and also allow management to identify gaps in knowledge (is there only one employ who knows a company critical skill?).
  • Enterprise Wikis are used to store information about company products, processes, and procedures and do so in a way that captures the history. Even something as simple as an acronym list that brings the user to a full page description can be very useful for new employees.

Our Services

We offer a turn-key solution to get your company's knowledge management solution off the ground, this includes an initial mapping of your current business knowledge landscape, implementation and hosting of your Enterprise Wiki platform, training your team, creating forms/templates suited to your specific needs, and even content creation as required.